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The Top Five Meme: First Group

You guys are insane. I should've added that each person can only make one request. Yes, I am glaring at you especially, lizamanynames!

Anyway, here's the first bunch. I'll try to get the rest up as soon as I can, though honorh, londonkds and selenak may be waiting for quite some time, as I've decided their requests are best answered in the form of fic. My apologies!

For lizamanynames:

Top Five Reasons To Be Happy To Be Centauri

Okay, this list is going to reveal just how pre-twentieth century my tastes are – and it may also slip into my own personal Centauri fanon. Be warned.

1) The Centauri have fashion sense! I am modern in many respects, but secretly, I long to slip on a corset and wrap myself in silk and velvet and lace.

2) Bubble baths and body lotions – even for men! Yes, this is a conjecture, but come on – you so know they indulge. Have you ever asked yourself what Londo is doing in front of his mirror after that first altercation with G’Kar in Midnight on the Firing Line? To me, it looks like he’s putting on powder – or make-up. OMG, the Centauri are totally metrosexual. *g*

3) Court culture! Not the backstabbing or the rigid class distinctions, obviously – just the pageantry, etiquette and overall structure that hold you back and consequently inflame the passions.

4) Genuine, non-academic art appreciation! It may be the one aspect of Centauri culture that comes close to transcending class and status. Opera, I suspect, is the place to seek out any universal Centauri adages.

5) Victorian sex. You know their “trash” lit is full of it – and that Londo snuck a peak at some of it in his misspent youth. *g*

Top Five Reasons To Read Londo Slash

I think the best way for me to do this is to give you a rec list:

1) In Vino Veritas, by selenak (Londo/G’Kar)

This is the classic. The original. The one I helped to write. Well, okay, it was only one line (“Now, Mollari, we will settle the question of my sexual prowess once and for all.”), but still! *g* At any rate, this story is proof positive that Londo slash can be funny.

2) Certamen, by andrastewhite (Londo/Urza Jaddo)

Another classic of the genre, this story is biologically plausible (something we’ve come to expect from andrastewhite as a writer *g*), and, with the inclusion of Urza’s death dream, it is also utterly Centauri in character.

3) Rampion, by kangeiko (Londo/G’Kar)

A harsh, disjointed picture of an imprisoned Londo seeking snatches of freedom at the bottom of a bottle and a G’Kar determined – and able - to get what he wants (which is not sex necessarily, but a Londo emotionally undressed), this story adds in the tragedy - and reminds me personally why more post-Keeper Londo/G’Kar needs to be written.

4) Safety in Numbers, by kakodaimon (Londo/G’Kar)

This story is so beautifully awkward – a welcome reminder that cross-species intercourse – particularly when multiple tentacles are involved - may not be as simple as we might wish. *g*

5) Confessions of a Biographer, by selenak (Londo/G’Kar)

Everything in this story is true. You just may not have thought of it in this way before. *g*

For jason_bond_69:

Top Five Fictional Characters You Have A Crush On Or Would Have A Crush On If They Were Real People

1) Vir Cotto (B5). I’m not really putting these lists into any particular order - but in this case, Vir really is my first choice. For some of the reasons, read the list for wychwood below.

2) Kaylee Frye (Firefly). She is adorable, with or without engine grease. And she shares my love of court culture and sartorial frills.

3) Laura Roslin (BSG 2003). Smart, gentle, strong enough to endure physical suffering with remarkable grace – and bloody-minded enough to protect her own. Somehow, I suspect I will have to get in a long line for her, though. *g*

4) Rupert Giles (BtVS). It’s the tension between the stiff upper lip and the rebellious/passionate underside, I think. His suspicion of anything having to do with RAM and gigabytes and programming is the suspicion of a secret sensualist.

5) Teal’c (SG1). Uh, this is very recent, and I’m not even sure why it’s come about. I’ve always been a Daniel fan. But increased exposure in the later seasons of SG1 to the Jaffa’s formality and alienness and rigid code of honor has kind of pushed him into the lead.

For wychwood:

Top Five Moments Where You Fall In Love With Vir Every Time

You guys know I can go way beyond a top five list with the Vir Squee. But I have, amazingly, limited myself to five here - and it’s a slightly different list than a strictly “best of” list would be:

1) That Scene Everyone Knows and ImitatesTM. You know, the one from In the Shadow of Z’Ha’Dum? That’s the future king right there, before he really came to understand his own capacity for bloody-mindedness. Plus, OMG, the cheery, wiggly fingers!

2) Sic Transit Vir - I’m tempted to just cite the whole episode and be done with it. But we’re looking for moments here. And if I were asked at gunpoint to choose one – just one - moment, it would be the attack in the corridor. Vir didn’t even have to think about it – he automatically stepped forward to protect his (brainwashed, genocidal) girlfriend. Aw.

3) Interludes and Examinations - Vir doing the shopping for Londo and blushing because racy underwear is on the list. It’s such a teeny, almost inconsequential moment, but it is so cute.

4) The Long Night - “All I ever wanted was just a good job. A small title, nothing fancy. Maybe a wife I could love. Maybe even one who could actually love someone like me.” I LOVE YOU VIR! LET ME TAKE YOU HOME AND SQUEEZE YOU! LET ME KICK THE PEOPLE WHO CONVINCED YOU THAT YOU ARE UNLOVEABLE! Er, whoops, sorry. I kind of slipped into my usual reaction whenever I see this scene. Please forgive me. *g*

5) The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari - Vir in the Med Lab, almost crying, pleading with Londo not to die. Because yes - I love Vir in large part because he loves Londo and he knows it’s slightly messed up but he can’t help himself because it’s just him to love people for what’s good in them, even if it’s buried very deep.

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