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Adama - Choices - by iconifer

Things Overheard on AIM (BSG):

hobsonphile: By the way, on a completely different topic, Matt and I decided that Bill Adama is like a mob boss. "We are a family... family members don't betray each other... etc."
grey_bard: Yes!
grey_bard: Now that he's going on his own instincts, he runs the military like the Mafia!
hobsonphile: He needs a ring to kiss.
grey_bard: Yes!
grey_bard: Heheheheh
grey_bard: Ahem
grey_bard: Oh my god
hobsonphile: And I only say this because I love him.
grey_bard: No, no, bad Grey Bard
grey_bard: A tiny little voice went
hobsonphile: What?
grey_bard: "Wouldn't that be the best BSG AU ever?"
hobsonphile: OMG.
grey_bard: You see it too?
hobsonphile: YES.
grey_bard: Wow. That's, that's
grey_bard: Almost perfect


grey_bard: Roslin was totally the head boss's Consigliere
grey_bard: Or possibly his lawyer
grey_bard: Or maybe his mistress
grey_bard: Or possibly all three
grey_bard: Only Adar bit it.
grey_bard: You know. In the first big push
hobsonphile: *nods*
grey_bard: And they're roaming the city, working in back rooms and basements
grey_bard: Because all the old haunts are lost
grey_bard: Destroyed
grey_bard: Why, they can't even find a place for the craps game
grey_bard: Things being how they are, the back of the police station is out
hobsonphile: *dies*
grey_bard: Yes, yes, most inappropriate Guys and Dolls quote ever
grey_bard: But how could I resist!

Please, somebody write this!

And while I'm here: Happy New Year!
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The insanity didn't stop there! Starbuck was a former cage fighter until her knee went out! The Cylons as undercover cops - oddly, they're all devout Mormons. Baltar is a cutting edge money launderer and accountant - too bad about the blonde client who gave him some bad advice and keeps calling his cell phone at the worst times. Lee's totally Michael in the Godfather, only he's going to end up Tom Hagen some day, instead of the Don. And Boomer? She's just a cop who cain't say no!

I second Hobson's cry - someone write this!