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Things Overheard on AIM (BSG):

hobsonphile: By the way, on a completely different topic, Matt and I decided that Bill Adama is like a mob boss. "We are a family... family members don't betray each other... etc."
grey_bard: Yes!
grey_bard: Now that he's going on his own instincts, he runs the military like the Mafia!
hobsonphile: He needs a ring to kiss.
grey_bard: Yes!
grey_bard: Heheheheh
grey_bard: Ahem
grey_bard: Oh my god
hobsonphile: And I only say this because I love him.
grey_bard: No, no, bad Grey Bard
grey_bard: A tiny little voice went
hobsonphile: What?
grey_bard: "Wouldn't that be the best BSG AU ever?"
hobsonphile: OMG.
grey_bard: You see it too?
hobsonphile: YES.
grey_bard: Wow. That's, that's
grey_bard: Almost perfect


grey_bard: Roslin was totally the head boss's Consigliere
grey_bard: Or possibly his lawyer
grey_bard: Or maybe his mistress
grey_bard: Or possibly all three
grey_bard: Only Adar bit it.
grey_bard: You know. In the first big push
hobsonphile: *nods*
grey_bard: And they're roaming the city, working in back rooms and basements
grey_bard: Because all the old haunts are lost
grey_bard: Destroyed
grey_bard: Why, they can't even find a place for the craps game
grey_bard: Things being how they are, the back of the police station is out
hobsonphile: *dies*
grey_bard: Yes, yes, most inappropriate Guys and Dolls quote ever
grey_bard: But how could I resist!

Please, somebody write this!

And while I'm here: Happy New Year!
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