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Squee- by blamethecamera.deviantart.com

I wish to make a public declaration of love for mosellegreen...

... for she has provided a link to Netflix that has allowed me to add Regency House Party to my queue. And by way of the recs, I've also discovered:

Manor House;

Frontier House;

The 1900 House, which was my obsession du jour during the summer of 2000;


COLONIAL HOUSE, the very concept of which makes me weep tears of geekish joy. Seriously - years ago, during my Colonial Williamsburg period, I would've jumped at the chance to live colonial style for a month or two. Prolly still would, actually, if not for my current Medical Concerns.

Squee just doesn't cover it.


Re: I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

I transferred to William and Mary in 1999. I had been studying biology at Worcester Polytech in MA, but WPI didn't have much of a history department, and at the time, I was totally geeking out on the American Revolution. My major didn't really change much with the move - bio to bio-psych wasn't an incredible leap - so I think it can be safely said that I made the change primarily to chase an avocation. *g* And in the summer between my junior and senior year - aka, the summer of 2000 - I took the job at CW.

So, um, it was quite a bit after your time. ;)

If it makes you feel any better, 2000 was relatively mild as summers go in the Tidewater. Which doesn't mean actually mild, but, you know, we didn't get into the triple digits. *g*

Re: I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

Woot! Another college-of-knowledge, chartered, etc. grad: I new there was something swavay and de-boner about you!

Re: I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

Oh, you went to W&M? Woot, indeed!