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Squee- by blamethecamera.deviantart.com

I wish to make a public declaration of love for mosellegreen...

... for she has provided a link to Netflix that has allowed me to add Regency House Party to my queue. And by way of the recs, I've also discovered:

Manor House;

Frontier House;

The 1900 House, which was my obsession du jour during the summer of 2000;


COLONIAL HOUSE, the very concept of which makes me weep tears of geekish joy. Seriously - years ago, during my Colonial Williamsburg period, I would've jumped at the chance to live colonial style for a month or two. Prolly still would, actually, if not for my current Medical Concerns.

Squee just doesn't cover it.


Oh, I *lived* fpr 'Frontier House' for the longest time! We never really covered the frontier in my American History course, which drove me nuts - we started off with the settlement of the colonies and lots of social history, and then at about 1840 onwards it all became politics and economics-focused. Gah. 'Frontier House' made me happy on a fundamental level. :)
If I had any time, I would totally try to hook up with a local reenactment group, dress in drag, and learn how to fire a musket. Or be a camp follower. Just, you know, something. It's been awhile (since the summer of 2000, actually) since I've actively tapped that part of my personality.
oh, it sounds like so much fun! *sigh* i can't believe i gave up academia for corporate whoredom...