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Squee- by blamethecamera.deviantart.com

I wish to make a public declaration of love for mosellegreen...

... for she has provided a link to Netflix that has allowed me to add Regency House Party to my queue. And by way of the recs, I've also discovered:

Manor House;

Frontier House;

The 1900 House, which was my obsession du jour during the summer of 2000;


COLONIAL HOUSE, the very concept of which makes me weep tears of geekish joy. Seriously - years ago, during my Colonial Williamsburg period, I would've jumped at the chance to live colonial style for a month or two. Prolly still would, actually, if not for my current Medical Concerns.

Squee just doesn't cover it.


So glad to have been of service!
And you will of course let me know when you finally get your own retro con off the ground, yes? *g*
If/when, of course!
Oh, I *lived* fpr 'Frontier House' for the longest time! We never really covered the frontier in my American History course, which drove me nuts - we started off with the settlement of the colonies and lots of social history, and then at about 1840 onwards it all became politics and economics-focused. Gah. 'Frontier House' made me happy on a fundamental level. :)
If I had any time, I would totally try to hook up with a local reenactment group, dress in drag, and learn how to fire a musket. Or be a camp follower. Just, you know, something. It's been awhile (since the summer of 2000, actually) since I've actively tapped that part of my personality.
oh, it sounds like so much fun! *sigh* i can't believe i gave up academia for corporate whoredom...
Oh, you'd hate my dad, then. He lives in Williamsburg. At the end of his street is William and Mary. Can walk easily to Merchant Square and the colonial tours.
I went to William and Mary and worked for a summer at Colonial Williamsburg as a costumed guide and lecturer with one of the children's programs. That's what I mean when I refer to my "Colonial Williamsburg period." So, no, I don't hate your father too much. ;)
I can understand that. Working there could drive one nuts, working with kids can be a blessing and a curse.
Oh, no, I adored that job. What I mean is, I'm not jealous of your father because I've already experienced W'burg to a certain extent. *g* Though it is true that I periodically wish I could go back...
I'm just not good with kids for the most part. Strange thing that kids, for the most part, seem to like me. I can deal with them in small doses. That's the nice thing about having nieces and nephews - I can hand them back to my siblings when I'm finished playing with them. Although now, most of them are old enough that I can relate to them better.

Williamsburg is a nice place and, if my dad was willing to part with his place, I'd more than happily move down there. It's small enough to be comfortable, yet have everything locally that I'd want.
Woot! Thanks to both of you: Moggy for posting the link and you for making sense of it. Have now got it "on hold".


I used to live in Williamsburg. If you can't afford air-conditioning, it's vastly over-rated. (Says the woman who fled north-west at the first opportunity :)
As I explained to leviathanmuse above, when I refer to my "Colonial Williamsburg period," I'm referring to the years I myself lived in Williamsburg. Most of the time, I did not have air conditioning. The summer I worked in CW as a costumed guide, I didn't even have a stand-up shower (don't worry, I didn't go filthy - I washed every day in an old-style bathtub *g*). But I would do it again in a heart beat if I thought I could pay my bills with the salary. It still stands as my very favorite job in a long line of jobs.

So, ah, you're talking to someone who willingly lived without air conditioning and other conveniences - and donned layers of 18th century era clothing in the Williamsburg summer to boot - because she wanted to be a part of a Living! History! Museum! ZOMG! *g* But the north west can be lovely - I've lived there too. ;)
**I sit in awe of your tolerance of ghastly heat and humidity***

Really. You couldn't pay me enough to live there (again), much less sans mod. con.s!

I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

So, when did you live in work in Colonial W'burg? I was there from, erm... 1982--1988.

Re: I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

I transferred to William and Mary in 1999. I had been studying biology at Worcester Polytech in MA, but WPI didn't have much of a history department, and at the time, I was totally geeking out on the American Revolution. My major didn't really change much with the move - bio to bio-psych wasn't an incredible leap - so I think it can be safely said that I made the change primarily to chase an avocation. *g* And in the summer between my junior and senior year - aka, the summer of 2000 - I took the job at CW.

So, um, it was quite a bit after your time. ;)

If it makes you feel any better, 2000 was relatively mild as summers go in the Tidewater. Which doesn't mean actually mild, but, you know, we didn't get into the triple digits. *g*

Re: I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

Woot! Another college-of-knowledge, chartered, etc. grad: I new there was something swavay and de-boner about you!

Re: I swear sometimes I need a brick to the head

Oh, you went to W&M? Woot, indeed!