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Well Read- by icon_see_you

It's exciting when you suddenly have a short-term goal.

I'm going to get TEFL certification. The idea was planted in my head by a fellow tutor, who informed me last night over Chinese that my current place of employment has a branch in South Korea. I have always had a longing to SEE THE WORLD stamped onto my brain lobes. Moreover, I've enjoyed teaching English to Korean immigrants here in America. Going the TEFL route seems to be a good fit - teaching and wanderlust in one package! And who knows - maybe work will pay for it, since it will certainly make me a better tutor.



I had a friend from college who did that - cjtremlett. She just got back from a - I think it was seven years? - stay in Dubai, UAE.

It sounds like a wonderful opportunity. :)
Good luck! That sounds like fun.
Cool! I've thought about doing the TEFL thing in Japan, because I've always wanted to go there and see what the place was all about.
Good Luck. I had a friend teach English in China for a year and she loved it.
Wow! My friends in Japan started teaching English at first. One of them still is and the other works on a newspaper over there. They love it. I'd say go for it! If you have the opportunity, you really should do it.

Of course, you will have to keep us informed.
Best to do it still while youth and a lack of family ties make it feasible--!