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londovir- by iamsab

And lo, hobsonphile reappears for one brief moment to say...

... that Angel and Spike need to have lots and lots of sex. Yep.


*shocked at this unmaidenly desire*
Really? And I thought you knew me by now... *eg*
Nah, he's over Spike. Angel and Lindsey need to have lots and lots of sex.
Well, I would like to point out that I didn't say in the present necessarily, although I certainly wouldn't mind it in any decade, current or past. *eg*
Oh well, then, you're good. >:D
*licks your icon, cause she can*
Actually, I'd say Destiny makes it canonical they had and will have again.*g*

Joss thinks so, too. In the audio commentary for A Hole in the World he said a) that they finally found the perfect love interest for Angel, and b) that of course Angel and Spike used to, back in the day. This in reply to Amy Acker downright asking him.
Eee. I always manage to pick the canon ones, don't I? *eg*
Yes, you always have the creator of the show on your side.*g*
Well, in those cases, it's just so obvious. *g*
Just watched this ep myself. Laughed very hard.
Hey, it's canon slash! Oh, just you wait. You ain't seen nothing yet. I'm a Spangel shipper, btw.

Destiny! Great frikkin episode. You're almost there. :)

*waits eagerly for next round of episodes*