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Londo/G'Kar In Five Words

hobsonphile: BTW, I may actually pursue that five word Londo/G'Kar fics idea. :-D
mosellegreen: You should!
mosellegreen: I launched it in Eroica because I saw a multifandom site with a bunch of 'em, so I exhorted the Eroica list to make some for us.
hobsonphile: It will be a challenge, limiting those men to five. :-)
mosellegreen: Heee
hobsonphile: "Kiss my pouch." "Make me."
mosellegreen: Heeee
hobsonphile: "Watch the buttons, you oaf!"
mosellegreen: Heheheheheh....
mosellegreen: You can do it from canon: "We would all be worried."
hobsonphile: Oh!
hobsonphile: "You think...?" "NOW I'm worried."
mosellegreen: *G*

So does anyone else want to try (and perhaps come up with something better)?
Tags: babylon 5, fic

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