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Cartagia's Bum- by ruuger

Drive-By B5 Comment

I've just figured out another reason why B5 is the best fandom ever:

Transvestism is CANON.


Oh? I forget, remind me!
Fifth season, A Tragedy of Telepaths: As part of the plan to break Na'Toth out of jail, Londo asks a female courtier to take off her clothes. She says, "Cartagia also played this game with me. But I'm afraid I'm not your size, Prime Minister." Or something similar to that.
Thank you!

**Points to quote above and laughs**
Hey, it is in Farscape, too! Along with Mpreg, genderfuck, bondage, non-com, and several other things. No tenticle sex, though.
Okay, okay, true. *g*

Did we see genitalia of any kind on FS? I can't remember just now.
No, the closest we ever saw was Rygel's tail/anus/THING - which may or may not be genetalia.
*looks triumphant*
You know, this one you can just HAVE. :)
I think azarias is right. B5 was never a really active fandom, fanfic-and-such-wise, because JMS already did everything.

(I also seem to be constructing a Crusade pimpin' icon in my head. How odd.)