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Best. Meme. Ever.

Victorian Sex Cry Generator

Oh delicious deliriums! I lay pleasure-drench'd and spent.

(hat tip: mosellegreen)


*laughs and swipes*
*g* Funny :)

(I would say, hey, they've stolen and/or paraphrased most of those directly from Fanny Hill, but that might produce too many questions about why I know that...)
Kind of makes you wish there was a Centauri/Narn sex cry generator! "G'kar, get off me, you great oaf! Great Maker, look what you've done to my jacket!" ^___^

OMG! I wonder if anyone I know is capable of creating this kind of random quote generator...

Oh this is wonderful!! **Snickers and runs off to share with friends**
lol! An oldie but definitely a goodie!
Oh! my gum, this is wonderful! wonderful!

I smell a fanfic challange in the making....
*is scared*