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londovir- by iamsab

Oh, how cute. A little Enterprise bunny has just hopped in.

I've never been terribly enamored of Enterprise, but Twilight tonight was fascinating and fantastic. Suddenly, I was thrust back to my sophomore Neurobiology class, particularly the Friday afternoon seminars on Oliver Sacks' The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. AlternateUniverse!Archer was "The Lost Mariner," anterograde amnesia shattering his reality. Great fodder for a neat mood piece. If only I had the time to write. *g*


Yay! for Enterprise! I haven't seen Twilight yet, but people did seem to think it was pretty good. If you *do* write the fic, make sure you post it on here...


Hi there!

Dropped by via bimo's lj.

Yes, Twilight was a very fine episode. The first since Carbon Creek imho.
I did like the first season, and i believe the show could have developed into one of the finest Star Trek shows ever: "Real" characters, good stories, self irony and, most important of all, a fine arch plot from the beginning: The temporal cold war and the Federation in the making.
Where did this go in season 2? Where has it gone now? Before Twilight , I had really feared, the series had become really insignificant.
So, yes, really enjoyed the episode: Maybe there is hope ;-). I liked it, because it was a very fine character based episode, way beyond the by now normal action based episodes. Also nice foreshadowing how the Archer - T'Paul relationship could develop.
I hope, the series continues in this spirit and they find the temporal cold war again ;-)