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londovir- by iamsab

Oh, how cute. A little Enterprise bunny has just hopped in.

I've never been terribly enamored of Enterprise, but Twilight tonight was fascinating and fantastic. Suddenly, I was thrust back to my sophomore Neurobiology class, particularly the Friday afternoon seminars on Oliver Sacks' The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. AlternateUniverse!Archer was "The Lost Mariner," anterograde amnesia shattering his reality. Great fodder for a neat mood piece. If only I had the time to write. *g*


Yay! for Enterprise! I haven't seen Twilight yet, but people did seem to think it was pretty good. If you *do* write the fic, make sure you post it on here...


Hi there!

Dropped by via bimo's lj.

Yes, Twilight was a very fine episode. The first since Carbon Creek imho.
I did like the first season, and i believe the show could have developed into one of the finest Star Trek shows ever: "Real" characters, good stories, self irony and, most important of all, a fine arch plot from the beginning: The temporal cold war and the Federation in the making.
Where did this go in season 2? Where has it gone now? Before Twilight , I had really feared, the series had become really insignificant.
So, yes, really enjoyed the episode: Maybe there is hope ;-). I liked it, because it was a very fine character based episode, way beyond the by now normal action based episodes. Also nice foreshadowing how the Archer - T'Paul relationship could develop.
I hope, the series continues in this spirit and they find the temporal cold war again ;-)


hi its me amalea

i see that you added me to your friends list... im jus wondering, did you want to post to my journal or just read it? cause most of my entries are public anyway. thanks talk to ya soon!
I'd like to post, but it may not be every day.
thats fine, i just try and keep my list as clean as possible, thats all. ill add you back now, and thank you for adding me as a friend!
I just tried to send you my best wishes and I received an error. What's up?
crap im so sorry i was playing with my friends list last night and lochjournal went poopy on me! ill fix it via LJ!
Incidentally, totally off-topic, but...

Someone I know has just seen B5 Season 3 for the first time, and was talking about the flashforwards in WWE 2; he said:

"I had given a fair chance to Vir becoming Emperor first (with Londo setting him up) and then Londo in one final act of corruption murdering Vir and assuming the throne. Though, I suppose this would have pushed him over the edge and made him truly a villain. I prefer the conflicted/disturbed Londo who can rarely bring out his true self."

And it struck me that I'd never considered that possibility; that Londo could have used and betrayed Vir like that. It could have made a fantastic idea for one of those "alternative path" things you wrote about Vir...
Hmm. I'm not sure such a scenario would be within Londo's character.

The general rule I was following with "Missing Light" was this: If Event A didn't happen (or Event B did happen), how would that change the shape of Vir's life in the aftermath, given what canon tells us about his character? What if Vir had been captured by Durla's forces (Scenario One)? What if Londo had not found some way to make it up to Vir after And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place (Scenario Two)? What if Vir stayed on Minbar (Scenario Three)? What if Vir never met Londo (Scenario Four)? And what if the Vorlons had called for reinforcements just a little bit later (Scenario Five)? I chose these particular scenarios because I could conceivably see such scenarios occurring if things had been just a little different. It is entirely possible that Vir might've lost his position on B5 at the last minute. Or that, with the Vorlons overhead, Londo would've been in such a desperate state that he would force Vir to kill him.

But, I don't think it is possible that Londo would ever purposefully murder Vir to ascend the throne. It is established by the second season that Londo has grown fond of his aide. And say what you will about Londo, but his ambition is not so great that he would betray Vir in this way. I don't think Londo would've used Vir in And the Rock if he had believed Vir was in real danger.

The crucial element in a Five Things story is that you keep the basic personalities constant.


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