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AtS: Connor- Not Feeling the Love

This is going to sound terrible, but I desperately want to spank fourth season Connor - and then forcibly cut his hair. Yes, I am well aware that he came of age in a hell dimension filled with all manner of beasties and suffering. And I am well aware that no one is going to come out of that sort of formative experience without one hell of a dark side (witness also Fred and the professor, or, if you want to go cross-fandom, Stark). BUT-

Home killed the potential love with one monumentally selfish gesture. It's one thing to decide that your life is one big, unendurable lie, but it's another thing entirely to rope in a bunch of innocent people with you in your quest for release...

... and then, after everything, suffer no consequences because your father, who loves you, has apparently contracted with the devil to give you a shiny cosmic do-over and protect you from the redemptive process.

Connor is an undeservedly lucky kid.

Now - selenak, convince me that I am totally off-base. *g*
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