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Well Read- by icon_see_you

D*C Panel Idea # 2

What Is Science Fiction?

Given how exercised the mailing list seems to be getting about the above question, I think we can fill an hour - or more - with some very interesting arguments over definitions and gradations (i.e., hard versus soft versus fantasy) and TV-Guide-style ignorance. And I'm reasonably sure we can talk about this face-to-face without killing each other. *g*

So - listies, what say you?


I know the first time I saw the term used that way I thought "okay, I see what is meant - but that strikes me as a dangerously subjective term" - not that "science fiction" and "fantasy" aeren't, of course. And "genre" is handy when dealing with stuff you just don't KNOW what to do with - LOST, for example, or Farscape on occasion, when it gets more spiritual.