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Meme Overload!

We've got a couple fic commentary memes going around again, but this time, we've got an audience commentary meme in the mix, which just tickles me because, to be perfectly frank, I don't have to do anything to participate. *g*

Okay, my apologies - that's hideously unfair and selfish and partly in jest. Partly. In actuality, I'm just going to put the links out there and you can decide to do an audience commentary or request an author's commentary from me, though if you go with option number two, you may have to wait awhile depending on DRL/DRA (Darth Rheumatoid Arthritis). Bear in mind that it took me three months to finish my nine page D*C report. *g*

Eligible stuff can be found here, here, and even at vir_cotto_tm if you feel inclined to pick out one of the longer entries.

And I may go out there and do a few audience commentaries for you guys, but again, see above regarding three month lag times for con reports and the like.

In the meantime, some memes requiring less thought:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one/a lot of reasons why I like/love/adore you. Then post this in your LJ and share the love. (from selenak)


If you like, drop a comment with two (or one, or five, or any random number of things) things that the casual reader should know about this lj. Or would find interesting to know. Or amusing. Or a warn-off. Or something. (From leadensky, whom I love for making it so I don't have to talk about myself, because I hate doing that too. Trust me, in RL, I am terribly boring, con appearances aside.)
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