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Caligula Smirk- by pixelbee

"You made the tiny people stop singing!"

*falls down dead from laughter*


You should listen to the commentary for that episode because it's just as funny.
"High-brow humor is what we go for here..."

*dies again*
Ah, you've hit the post-higher-power-Cordelia era. I'm sorry.
I actually like this season the best so far, aside from the ookie, vaguely-incestuous thing between Connor and Cordy.
Yes, it doesn't really jump the shark until near the end. After (major spoiler), the shark is officially jumped.
Actually, I think the (spoiler) at the end is one of the reasons why season 4 is so good. Far more original than any assorted villains and perfectly encapsulating the season's themes.

*resists using spoilery icon*
Personally, I can't say I like season 5 much. It hasn't done a lot for me, other than snarky quotage so far (I'm about halfway through). Not that snarky quotage isn't great, just...not enough by itself. I prefer seasons 2 and 3, I think. This is if I remember correctly, which I may not, since they all kind of run together in my head.
...And that whole thing about season 5...was completely pointless because you were talking about season 4, not 5. *is blind*

As far as 4 goes...I mostly just hate that Cordy is snarkless. That offends me. Well, that and I want to beat Connor up a lot.
Snarkless Cordy is season 3 St. Cordy. Season 4 Cordelia is actually (spoilery spoil), which is the only thing in the world vaguely justifying what season 3 did to Cordy in my book.

Connor: ah. Well. As he's my other favourite AtS character - Darla being the first, I, err, don't have that problem.
I like season 5; not a favourite, but I like it. But I love, love, love, adore, passionately am mad about, season 4 and parts of season 2 (i.e. everything before Pylea). Season 5 and season 1 I like on the same level - fondness, episodes I enjoy rewatching, some I even love, but not in the same crazy way.

Season 3 now, I have massive issues with, but I ranted about that already in poor H.'s journal and in mine. My least favourite season ever.
*giggles* yeah, god I love that ep. I love Wesley especially - how far that boy has come.
I adore Wesley in all his incarnations, but I have to admit that I have something of a weakness of Head Boy Wes. *sentimental giggle*
HeadBoy!Wes is such a dweeb. And I mean that in the best way. *g*
*fangirls season 4*
*fangirls with you*