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This moment of "Eee!" is brought to you by Volume 1 of JMS's B5 Scripts.

Regarding Londo and G'Kar:

"And each of them can see something of himself in the other ... which is why they must begin as enemies, because we all too often hate most in other people what we see in the mirror. In the end, it is that commonality which allows them to finally understand the wounds in each other's heart."

JMS is such a slasher, and he doesn't even know it. *eg*

He also notes - among other things that will be discussed later - that it might be of interest to compare these drafts of the scripts with the finished products, and that certainly is a task I would love to undertake, even though it would involve watching the series yet again. It's a burden, but I think I might come to accept it. Which I guess goes to show that my inner callow teenager hasn't died just yet. :P

Now, back to writing my D*C report and my response to WQ...

And PS: Thank you all for the holiday music suggestions you offered in the previous thread.
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