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londovir- by iamsab

I can't feel my toes.

I just finished my first day on the sales floor at Kohl's. The pain... the pain. My back hurts, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, and my feet are numb. They don't give us nearly enough sit-down breaks.


:( Poor you. I hope it'll be easier after today...

Don't wear high heals!

Look around for the most comfortable, light shoes you can find! I remember that when I worked in retail, I would come home and my feet would kill me. I went out and bought the most comfortable shoes I could find at payless, and things got better.

I was wearing flats today. The management doesn't allow casual shoes/sneakers.

I may have to look online for nice shoes for people with orthopedic problems- six months of untreated RA likely did a number on my feet and ankles.
Ouch! Take a hot bath.
Ouch! My sympathy. I worked for a few months at Target some years ago - only for half days, but I certainly understand the sore feet problem.

Take care, and I hope your feet improve soon.