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Creating My Christmas Mix

Generally speaking, I resist the pull of The Season when the decorations start popping up on November 1. "It's too early!" is my customary wail. But this year, as you've probably guessed from the previous post, I've resigned myself to it. I've even started constructing a Christmas mix on my Dell jukebox and hence have been in search of good covers of various carols. Jesus songs only, mind, and not just for religious reasons. Ever since my year in retail, the secular songs which tend to make it onto the usual Shopping Mall/Department Store Mix create in me a vague urge to stab out my own eye with a fork. ("Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle - " *stabbity*) Which obviously explains why I do a lot of shopping online.

But at any rate: Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?
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