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londovir- by iamsab

In-Character Holiday Fun

permetaform has alerted me to the existence of an in-character holiday card exchange. But while I think the idea is squishable and cute, I know my limitations, and I know I'll balk if I get matched up with someone who wants a card from, say, Captain Sheridan simply because I list B5 as one of my fandoms.

So - because I'm stubborn, anybody who fills out the poll below will get a holiday card from Vir. Now, bear in mind that Vir is an alien, so if you don't celebrate Christmas, never fear - neither does Vir. *g* All messages will be of the general "Best Wishes!" kind unless I know you and know what holiday you celebrate.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to receive Vir's card in-character rather than as yourself, you can write a character's name in the "Recipient" space, and the card will be personalized accordingly.

In any event:

Recipient Name

Street Address

City, State, Zip

Country (if applicable)

Vir doesn't expect any cards in return, so please don't feel guilty if you sign up with no intention to reciprocate.

Oh, and my international friends shouldn't feel guilty about the postage either.


Um, I hope you can manage another one to NZ.^^;;; Make sure to put on a return address (& if you want it to be an in-character reply please feel free to say so...as long as it's someone from B5 or B7 ^_~). Vir Xmas cards are just too shiny to resist. ♥
Another one to NZ should be no problem if the prices on the USPS site are correct. ;)