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Empty Street- by vilakins

Okay. They said nobody's feelings should be hurt...

... but mine are a little bit. Can't do anything about it, though, so... *shrug*


About what? Who hurt you?
I would prefer to keep the specifics to myself at the moment. But really, no worries. It's just my own neurosis at play.
What's the matter? Can I help?
Just having a teeny crisis of confidence about something I've put a lot of work into. Which has been happening quite a bit in the last few months, so... *sigh*
*hugs back*
I'm worried about you too! I was afraid I'd missed something but I see that everyone else is in the dark too. Let us (the collective or the singular us) know if there's anything we can do to help?
Long time no see! I decided to let it go for a bit and get some sleep and I think I've found my self esteem and perspective again. But thank you for the offer. {{sab}}
*Hugs!* We can all use a hug.
*hugs back*

Thank you.
Awk. I hope it works out.
I think it just may. But thank you. *hug*

I am dying of curiosity, but I've done the whole "Jees, this really isn't WORTH going into" thing, so...


Hmm. I need a Vir Icon. Maybe one of him hugging Londo. *ponders*
The episode cap archive at Jumpy has that particular cap if you really want to take a stab at making a Vir icon. ;)

And also: *return hugs*
*patpat* There, there.
Hope everything is ok. **Big Hugs and a cup of tea**
Whatever it is, *hugs*
Oddly enough, whenever someone begins, "Of course, no-one's feelings should be hurt by X,", then "X" is nearly always going to be intrinsically hurtful.