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I know! ((Wesley))
I don't, but I do love parts of it, including the Wesley storyline which is fabulous. (You've yet to reach what parts make season 3 my least favourite, and they've all to do with Cordy.)

Forgiving is a fantastic episode.
Oh no. I haven't gotten to Angel 3rd Season yet, and I'm rather attached to Wesley!
Wesley Love!

All the seasons run together in my head, so I have not the faintest what part of the story you're on. I think the sister and I decided that we liked seasons two and three best. Pretty much anything after Cordy's first few visions but before she becomes a higher power was at least of some use, if I recall. It's all quite fuzzy, now. But I do love Wesley. So yeah.
The first full season I watched, and yes, the Wesley love runs deep within me...I need to go to Tower Records and buy a Wesley action figure...hehehe...
I've been WAITING for an outburst like this...

Cherish third season. Hold it your bosom and love it, because after it comes fourth season... *cringes*
Hey, fourth season is my favourite. Overall the best written one, with one arc going from first to last episode, and no interuptions like the Pylea arc in season 2.

*loves fourth season to bits, almost stopped watching after third season which has fabulous Wesley and good Darla but not much more*
I'm a Cordy Fan. I think that's nuff said when it comes to Season four.

Though yes, very well written.

And I happened to LOVE the Pylea arc...

Takes all kinds, I guess. :)
I was a Cordy fan, and that's why I hate what season 3 did to her, with a violent passion. The season 4 revelation actually made it bearable. When I saw the scene in Tomorrow involving certain light effects, I was really that close on quitting on the show, and before that - Cordelia's reaction when she comes back from her holidays, her exact phrase when Fred asks her to intercede between Wesley and Angel because she is their oldest friend? That made me lose my connection with Cordelia. Then and there.

Upon reconsideration, season 3 of course also has Holtz and Justine, who are great as well. But what it did to Cordelia...
I can't comment fully on Cordelia yet, but speaking for myself, I have a general tendency to forgive a hell of a lot in a show if there are one or two elements I passionately love. Which is not to say that I don't point out what I thought was terrible. But... you're talking to the person who watched one of our recent mostly awful high school dramas here in the states for three years because of one fully realized and wonderful character. I'm just saying. *g*

And just as an aside: Holtz/Justine is just messed up enough that I may end up writing it at some future point.
Oh, I never stopped loving the show, and the very first season 4 episode made me glad I hadn't quit. But I had loved Cordelia as a character a lot - she used to be my favourite in BTVS season 2 and 3, and AtS season 1 - and season 3 ruined her for me. It's one of the few surefire issues that get me to rant.

All the same, I can't wish season 3 undone, for the Wesley plotline is far better than the Cordy plotline is bad, one of my overall Jossverse favourites (Darla) has a worthy farewell, and my other AtS favourite gets introduced. Plus yes, Holtz/Justine. Only before you write for it, wait a little more. It hasn't reached its pinnacle of messed-upness, is all I'm saying.
Plus yes, Holtz/Justine. Only before you write for it, wait a little more. It hasn't reached its pinnacle of messed-upness, is all I'm saying.

Oh, I'm not writing anything in the Jossverse until I've had the opportunity to watch both series a second time, so don't worry. ;)
My memories of the show are hazy, and I think I'm mixing my seasons up again - I'll concede this point on account of us getting dangerously close to spoiler territory.