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I guess it's pretty clear I'm doing "Family" next for fanfic100...

... seeing as I managed to go on about Londo and his Mr. Fix-It Hat (something he only deploys for his friends and not, tragically, for himself) for several paragraphs earlier today. Beyond that, I now have a title for the fic in question: "Blood Is Thicker." And yes, that's meant to be sarcastic.

I'm looking at this bunny with a little bit of fear, though, because Londo is sitting in my head insisting that the story be written in first person and that he be the POV character. Yipes! selenak, count your muses! I think one has escaped.

In the meantime, I'm going to go ice my swollen knee (OW) and ruminate some more.
Tags: babylon 5, fanfic100

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