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Pardon me while I think out loud.

What I really need to do is print my BDT out, scribble thought-notes all over it, and hang it on my wall. But in lieu of that, you get to see my notes instead. *g*

Ends. I think this is going to be that Vir-and-Morden-during-Into-the-Fire story idea
Friends. Vir and Lennier. Not Londo, as much as I love him. Maybe the amusement park crack bunny I've had for forever?
Enemies. Vir and Shiv'kala. Maybe from Shiv'kala's perspective?
Lovers. Vir/Mariel before the enchantment, possibly from Mariel's perspective.
Family. Second half of second season, Vir's family visits on Londo's invitation. That's a missing scene that should be written in full.
Strangers. Vir and Lyndisty and how Vir's uncle and Lyndisty's mother made their deal.
Teammates. Vir and the LoF.
Parents. Vir and his uncle, early fourth season.
Children. Sprogfic?
Diamond. Galen and Vir. Mind training. LoF.
Fire. Minbar. Creating Abrahamo Lincolni.
Who? That Londo amnesia bunny, which actually has a title now: "Things Best Forgotten"
Birthday. Soul Mates.

Do you know what's frightening about this preliminary list? A lot of these ideas require semi-long (5 - 30 pages) short stories, not ficlets. Eep.

ETA: Actually, I've changed my mind on something.

Children. Vir and the new lidara. Because you know the Drakh would never have allowed a new group to be raised after killing Turhan's. (And yes, selenak will get credit and praise for coming up with that brilliant bit of fanon. *g*)
Summer. This will be the fic featuring Vir's own daughter.

There we go.
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