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Fanfic 100 - by twisted_badger

Pardon me while I think out loud.

What I really need to do is print my BDT out, scribble thought-notes all over it, and hang it on my wall. But in lieu of that, you get to see my notes instead. *g*

Ends. I think this is going to be that Vir-and-Morden-during-Into-the-Fire story idea
Friends. Vir and Lennier. Not Londo, as much as I love him. Maybe the amusement park crack bunny I've had for forever?
Enemies. Vir and Shiv'kala. Maybe from Shiv'kala's perspective?
Lovers. Vir/Mariel before the enchantment, possibly from Mariel's perspective.
Family. Second half of second season, Vir's family visits on Londo's invitation. That's a missing scene that should be written in full.
Strangers. Vir and Lyndisty and how Vir's uncle and Lyndisty's mother made their deal.
Teammates. Vir and the LoF.
Parents. Vir and his uncle, early fourth season.
Children. Sprogfic?
Diamond. Galen and Vir. Mind training. LoF.
Fire. Minbar. Creating Abrahamo Lincolni.
Who? That Londo amnesia bunny, which actually has a title now: "Things Best Forgotten"
Birthday. Soul Mates.

Do you know what's frightening about this preliminary list? A lot of these ideas require semi-long (5 - 30 pages) short stories, not ficlets. Eep.

ETA: Actually, I've changed my mind on something.

Children. Vir and the new lidara. Because you know the Drakh would never have allowed a new group to be raised after killing Turhan's. (And yes, selenak will get credit and praise for coming up with that brilliant bit of fanon. *g*)
Summer. This will be the fic featuring Vir's own daughter.

There we go.


Ah, amusement park. I remember that. ^_^

What's a sprogfic?
A sprogfic is a fic featuring the main character's infant - or very small - child. What andrastewhite recently wrote for me was a perfect example. And remember how tempted I was to continue with the cute? *g*
Ooh, actually, I have a better idea. See edit above.
Glad to see someone else plagued by the desire to make pages of text instead of a fictlet..LOL

I am excited to read teh "strangers" fic. You know what ever happened to Lindisty? Did her parents marry her off to someone else?
So what do you think happened with her? Does Vir ever see her again?
It's possible that Vir ran into her (and maybe whoever ultimately became her husband) at some future point. The current story I have in mind, though, deals with the befores rather than the afters.
WEll that is just as good. I have always liked the dynamic between these two!!
*clears throat*

Um, yes. Me too- in a "that would've been sweet except for the whole brainwashed thing" kind of way. O_o

I've always been interested in exploring who Lyndisty is beyond my tongue-and-cheek comments regarding her evident addiction to the Centauri Republic's equivalent of the trashy romance novel. Plus, I want to explore what Vir's uncle was thinking when he made the match. I suspect his motivation was like the motivations of Claudius's family when they married him to the tall girl in I, Claudius. (Roman soap operas are wonderful fonts of inspiration, aren't they?) "What shall we do about Vir, the un-wed-able one?"

look here (yeah, I like to spam people)

You know what ever happened to Lindisty? Did her parents marry her off to someone else?

Canon never says, so we're basically free to imagine the outcome ourselves. *g*

about Lyndisty and her fate

Look at this fanfic by Gareth Williams
I think personally G.Williams write the best au and canon B5 fic ever...
But if you plan to write about her (Lyndisty) I think it can spoil your... inspiration...
Heee, I have a text file that looks remarkably like this...