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Well Read- by icon_see_you

WOW, that was fulfilling!

It's not every day I get to teach a creative writing lesson. But an unscheduled student walked into our center tonight begging for "a good writer" to help her with a story she was writing for her English class, and she was shuffled to me. "Are you a good writer?" she asked me. I attempted to transmit every good piece of writing advice I could remember. We talked about good descriptive writing and character development, and the student was incredibly cheerful and receptive.

"You are a good writer," she said at the end of class. "My story is so much better now. Thank you!"

It's hard not to be flattered by that.


Yay! Go, you!
Especially since it's TRUE. :D
I wouldn't have been able to resist the temptation to respond with "Don't be downhearted, I can fix it for you, sonny. It won't take too long, just a little money."

Yes, this is the result of working out with CMT playing.

A taste of heaven, perhaps...

God gives us these moments to give us courage for all the rest of the days what don't work.
That must have felt really good, too, to work with someone who wanted to learn.