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Satisfying My Sick Curiosity, Redux

Back in May, 2004, I calculated a broad word count for my Vir-related output. Well, almost seventeen months later, I've rechecked the tally. Since the last count, I've written an additional 14,134 words of Vir fic, 13,023 of which were in responses to challenges on theatrical_muse. This brings my grand total to 49,051 words, with 33,861 of those words in T_M-connected fic. And bear in mind that, just like last time, I'm only counting prompts and straight stories. Only the Great Maker himself knows how many thousands of words I've written in vir_cotto_tm's numerous roleplays.

Compared to my first ten months on Live Journal, my rate of production has gone down, likely due to a combination of Darth Real Life and a fear of being boring. fanfic100 and b5_star_stuff, however, might step things up a bit in the months to come. We shall see.
Tags: babylon 5, theatrical muse

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