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londovir- by iamsab

Satisfying My Sick Curiosity, Redux

Back in May, 2004, I calculated a broad word count for my Vir-related output. Well, almost seventeen months later, I've rechecked the tally. Since the last count, I've written an additional 14,134 words of Vir fic, 13,023 of which were in responses to challenges on theatrical_muse. This brings my grand total to 49,051 words, with 33,861 of those words in T_M-connected fic. And bear in mind that, just like last time, I'm only counting prompts and straight stories. Only the Great Maker himself knows how many thousands of words I've written in vir_cotto_tm's numerous roleplays.

Compared to my first ten months on Live Journal, my rate of production has gone down, likely due to a combination of Darth Real Life and a fear of being boring. fanfic100 and b5_star_stuff, however, might step things up a bit in the months to come. We shall see.


All your post are belong to us!!

For those of you who might be wondering...the amount of wriing I've done is more than QUADRUPLE this paultry word count (does the bragging dance)...mwwahahaha!

OK...I'm done now. :)
Yeah, well, as I said over IM, :-P on you.
you could always do vir for nanowrimo :P that'd up the word count :P
NaNoWriMo skeers me.
heheee. i think it has that effect on a lot of people :P
I may write novel length DS9 fic...but that takes me 18 months per book...LOL How the heck is it even possible to write a novel in a month?
I think when it's quantity and NOT quality that matters, that helps a lot ;)
It's only like, 2000 words a day (well less but still...) and who needs sleep, or a life :P

Novel length DS9 fic? *is intrigued* :)
Yeah...well I took pride in getting 16 new pages in my trilogy done in the space of two days this week...I had a great writing session and really moved the plot along...but 16 pages and about 8000 words in two days...and that's just 1/14th of the entire book.

And yes...I'm writing a trilogy of novels set five years after the end of the television series...I have written one full book of the three and am about half way through the second book...and I should say that the first book was 120,000 words (LONG for the average Trek novel) and already deeply beta-edited and the second book is about 85,000 words thus far and looking significantly longer than the first book (a lot of stuff has to happen by the end of the book to get to where I want to be when we get into book three).

Hobsonphile will tell you...I've been working on this project since 2002 although not quite as seriously as when work really started in 2003 and resumed this past summer...and I take it entirely too seriously...LOL