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Contrary Schemes

I've added my Virsturbation story to my BDT under the "Water" prompt. We'll see if that scares the general public away forever. ;)

Meanwhile, because I'm feeling particularly perverse (as indicated by good ol' Caligula), I'm going to attempt to do a sweet comedy for "Broken" and a navel-gazing angsty story for "Fixed." Oh, and I think I'm going to do Vir/Mariel for "Lovers." *veg*

ETA: I've now added last year's Santa hat number under the "Christmas" prompt. And that should do it for my previous work.

ETA Redux: I just got a blindingly sudden idea for the "Thanksgiving" prompt that has the potential to be incredibly poignant if I can pull it off. Squee!
Tags: babylon 5, fanfic100

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