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Caligula Smirk- by pixelbee

Contrary Schemes

I've added my Virsturbation story to my BDT under the "Water" prompt. We'll see if that scares the general public away forever. ;)

Meanwhile, because I'm feeling particularly perverse (as indicated by good ol' Caligula), I'm going to attempt to do a sweet comedy for "Broken" and a navel-gazing angsty story for "Fixed." Oh, and I think I'm going to do Vir/Mariel for "Lovers." *veg*

ETA: I've now added last year's Santa hat number under the "Christmas" prompt. And that should do it for my previous work.

ETA Redux: I just got a blindingly sudden idea for the "Thanksgiving" prompt that has the potential to be incredibly poignant if I can pull it off. Squee!


Waits eagerly to read more. Preverse is good.
Perverse is very good. But just wait till you see what I've convinced my brother to write for one of his 100 Dax fics. *veg*
Virsturbation!! It's like Porn, only wholesome!
I know. As I've said in the past, I suspect that even if I did set out to write the filthiest, smuttiest Vir fic in existence, it would end up being wholesome in the end. Which I suppose makes me, Victorian maiden extraordinaire, a perfect match for the lad. *g*
Yup. *g*