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So I was looking at the prompt table for the fanfic100 challenge everyone's doing...

... and, you know, it's just too bad six of the prompts aren't "One," "Two," "Three," "Four," "Five," and "Six". *veg*

By the way: kangeiko, you brave woman! Meanwhile, I've convinced sabr_matt to claim Dax. (I almost said "do," but somehow, that sounds terribly naughty. *eg*) Resistance is futile, Matt! You will be assimilated!


I'll be doing that once the new year comes and I'm done with Thirteen. I got Starblazers as my fandom and I'm already working on a few ideas for this!


Never even remotely heard of this...enlighten me. :)

Re: Starblazers?

It's a bit of a cult classic. It's known in Japan as Space Battleship Yamato, and crossed the Pacific in 1980 to become Starblazers. They packaged the first two seasons (26 episodes each) and ran them on independent stations from 1980-81. They made a third season and it aired here in 1985, but it was hardly seen and wasn't nearly as good as the original two.

They also made movies as well for the series in Japan, where it was huge back in the 1970s. It's been called the "grandfather" of modern Japanese anime by some, because it was among one of the first Japanese animated programs to come across the ocean and gain a significant (albeit small) following.
I've asked for Vir myself, but, like you, I'm saving the bulk of my fanfic100 fics for the new year- after I've seen to some other obligations. Yay for no specific deadline. And they let you enter previously written fic, which will also help me on a few prompts.
Yeah, that's cool as well about entering previous works, but I'll do them all original because the only fanfic I've written on Starblazers has been in Crossing Lines. This will be the first time I've written stand-alone Starblazers fan fiction.
Well, for me, we're only talking about 2-4 prompts that will be fulfilled by previous work ("Water" and "Christmas" are the only definites in this department). The rest will be original. *g*

And the tentacles may sometimes make an appearance. Hell, I may just use the Author's Choice to fulfill my One-Six idea, with "Six" being an expanded version of a previous story that will fall under the "Touch" prompt. (Because "Lovers" is too obvious.) *eg*

I wish...

You have no idea how much I wish I actually could do Dax...I'll have to settle for writing about her (in both her most attractive forms...along with a few unattractive but interesting nonetheless...forms)...somehow the thrill has gone out of the concept now that I know what I'm actually missing. :-D

Re: I wish...

Still waffling...
Do iiiiiiit... *g*
Trying to pick a topic. I don't wanna DO more than one, and I'm torn between Smith from the Matrix, Stark/Zhaan as a pairing, and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert as a fandom.
Ah. Well, I vote for S/Z, seeing as that's a fandom I'm actually in. I'm kind of selfish that way. *g*
Logged. :D
You know, the six thing is one of the few things about B5 one of my friends has picked up by fannish osmosis? And then when I told her they were tentacle penes and could cheat at cards she practically sacrificed a chicken to JMS.

Well, naturally she would pick that up. We do discuss the matter quite a bit more than is probably healthy around here. *g*