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Well Read- by icon_see_you

Amazon Surfing

There is a meta collection for Firefly. There is a meta collection for Farscape. There are several such collections devoted to the BtVS/AtS universe. There is even a collection for NYPD Blue, a show I've never watched and probably never will watch. But where is the Babylon 5 collection?

This injustice clearly needs to be rectified.

ETA: A broader Google search has turned up this title, which is being squirreled away by the British and is also, woe of woes, out of print. Wah!


Yeah, I also remember that there was at least a plan to publish one, but I can't remember if it ever actually came out.

I've noticed that B5 is quite neglected in the academic circles in general. I have access to various academic e-libraries via my university and have spent many hours amusing myself looking up articles about different fandoms. There are hundreds of articles about Buffy and The X-Files, but I've ever only seen maybe three articles about B5.