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Well Read- by icon_see_you

Amazon Surfing

There is a meta collection for Firefly. There is a meta collection for Farscape. There are several such collections devoted to the BtVS/AtS universe. There is even a collection for NYPD Blue, a show I've never watched and probably never will watch. But where is the Babylon 5 collection?

This injustice clearly needs to be rectified.

ETA: A broader Google search has turned up this title, which is being squirreled away by the British and is also, woe of woes, out of print. Wah!


I'm fairly sure that there was a volume of academic essays on B5 but that it is out of print.
Aha! I went to the broader Google search and found this title on Amazon UK. Which begs the question why we former colonists have been denied the joy of searching for this title in our used bookstore circuit, but there you go. *g*
I poked around a bit in an academic e-reference library and found this title, too.
I did see that and added it to my wish list. However, that one seems more interested in fandom culture than in the show itself. Which is an interesting topic, true, but not quite the focus I'm really seeking. *g*
Yeah, I also remember that there was at least a plan to publish one, but I can't remember if it ever actually came out.

I've noticed that B5 is quite neglected in the academic circles in general. I have access to various academic e-libraries via my university and have spent many hours amusing myself looking up articles about different fandoms. There are hundreds of articles about Buffy and The X-Files, but I've ever only seen maybe three articles about B5.