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londovir- by iamsab

Another sick day-

- and between the heavy, post-LoF Vir angst I'm committing in a temporarily private thread with rogersmith_bigo and my evil scheming with natoth, I think it's pretty safe to say that my current depression is leaking into my writing.

Well, there does appear to be something of an historical correlation between melancholy and creativity. Good to know those screwed up neurotransmitters are good for something.


leviathanmuse didn't want to publicly reveal a sekrit plot point from a future story, so I obliged her. The thread should be made public once she's done with that particular work-in-progress. *g*

And thank you for the well wishes.
Ahhhhhh. *nods* Okay, I can understand that. Still. *grumps* :P But yay for opening it back up soon!

Yes, I do actually read Kitt's friendslist, even if he never comments. :D

*hugs* Feeling a bit depressed and under the weather myself, so I sympathize.