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londovir- by iamsab

Another sick day-

- and between the heavy, post-LoF Vir angst I'm committing in a temporarily private thread with rogersmith_bigo and my evil scheming with natoth, I think it's pretty safe to say that my current depression is leaking into my writing.

Well, there does appear to be something of an historical correlation between melancholy and creativity. Good to know those screwed up neurotransmitters are good for something.


I was very disappointed to discover the thread with Roger had disappeared. :/ I'm hoping you'll open it up again...

And feel better!
leviathanmuse didn't want to publicly reveal a sekrit plot point from a future story, so I obliged her. The thread should be made public once she's done with that particular work-in-progress. *g*

And thank you for the well wishes.
Ahhhhhh. *nods* Okay, I can understand that. Still. *grumps* :P But yay for opening it back up soon!

Yes, I do actually read Kitt's friendslist, even if he never comments. :D

*hugs* Feeling a bit depressed and under the weather myself, so I sympathize.
Sorry about that. But Roger's revealing a lot of stuff that's going to happen later and I don't want to reveal too much to the audience at large.

However, I am working on Part 4 of the Minbar trip. I will work faster. *Dodges whip.*
Yes'm. Will just continue to wait impatiently. *taps foot impatiently, checks watch*

*cracks whip, dangles yet-to-be-sent check on a stick invitingly* Heh. *coughs*
*Smiles nervously, holds out box.* Pocky?
*laughs maliciously, snatches Pocky* :P
*Hopes food will prevent more whippings.*
*snarls over Pocky, is momentarily satiated*

This does not get you out of hurrying to write up Part 4, however. HA!
*Bows, scrapes, heads back for computer.*
*stands over you, whip at the ready*
*Eyes the whip and starts typing.*
I hope you feel better soon. Having dealt with depression myself, I know how much it can affect absolutely everything around you.
Thank you. And sorry, by the way, for dropping a sloppy, sobbing, drunk Centauri into your lap. *wry grin*
That's ok. Roger's used to letting people cry on his shoulders (I guess that's why he has such broad ones).

From another sick mun (It is written in temperature delirium)

*sneezes and coughs*
I hope, that our plotting could reduce your depression a little. Yes, many my friends have noticed direct interrelation between creativity and depressions... Perhaps, is it the law of conservation of energy?
* waits eargerly for Vir/Roger post*
I perhaps began to cope with depression as my Narn muse: I try to entertain myself. Because depression finds you if you have too much time to think of as far as all things are bad... So it is better to be engaged in writing...

Re: From another sick mun (It is written in temperature delirium)

In fact, I am finding the writing to be something of a catharsis. After a terrible night, my mood is finally beginning to improve.

Re: From another sick mun (It is written in temperature delirium)

Personally I have noticed, that during depression (recession of mood) the most cheerful posts turn out.
I do not know, perhaps, it is the law of a negative - positive?
But its helps. And its main thing!
Funny thing is, when I was writing Crossing Lines, I did it because I was having a hard time dealing with the breakup of my engagement. It helped lift me out of my depression over it and helped to lift my spirits.

*hugs* I feel for you about the depression, though. I know that all too well. *sigh*
Alas. Best of luck for everything.