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Overheard in a chat:

sabr_matt: you know...apart from Jake...I can't write the "normal" characters in the DS9 universe either...just the ones with issues
Me: Well, Ivanova has issues, but they're not the kind I can really relate to.
sabr_matt: oh but you CAN relate to an interplanetary race struggle that consumes a man and causes him to kill zillions of people and leads to the anihilation of his own world


Me: Maybe Ivanova's issues are simply too boring. :-)
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The thing about Jake, is that it's 'cool' to like Jake among the literati of DS9 fanfiction. Uh. All... seven of us.

You never see anyone loving on Kasidy Yates, and she's pretty interesting for a mostly background character who only gets screentime if it relates to Sisko. Until Season Seven, anyway.
I'm seeing Kasidy with new eyes ever since having watched the first two seasons of 24.*g* (Where Penny Johnson plays the machiavellian wife, then ex-wife, of an idealistic politician.)

No, seriously, she's pretty interesting. And the Kasidy we hat at theatrical_muse for a while explored stuff the show didn't, such as how Kasidy feels about the destruction of the Maquis, and Cardassians in general.

Meanwhile, the true minority in terms of fanfiction love are clearly my beloved Ferengi!
The Kasidy at Theatrical Muse was interesting.

For me, the great thing about Kasidy was-- clearly, although they never got into it much further than the episode where she was smuggling for the Maquis, is that Kasidy has very independent political views from Ben.

And why shouldn't she, as she's (presumably) a Fed Citizen, but she's also obviously running a for-profit business. She's not using outdated transporters for the hell of it, and Sisko clearly thought that she had better equipment. (Which either implies Sisko doesn't get out much, unlikely for the Captain of a major spaceport like DS9, or that he thought she'd just have the transporter upgrades already.) She's also, I think, not from Earth. If you believe that she grew up on Cestus Three.

Too bad they never did anything with her besides knock her up.

I like Nog a lot. I've always wanted to write a Nog fic, but the story's never come along for me. (For a while, it seemed like I might write the mother of crazy fic: Relaunch-canon Nog/Shar/Jake, but again, never quite congealed into a story.)

And I once started a Leela story that I never finished, where Leela was one of the companion women during the war, and after the Cardassians withdrew, she had to go work for Quark because no one else wanted collaborators.

This is all waaay off topic now.
Me: Maybe Ivanova's issues are simply too boring. :-)

Hee. It's so true. Not that I think Ivanova and her issues are actually boring, they just seem that way in comparison to the high stakes of Londo's arc.
Indeed! Though it worries me the character I can relate to most after Londo is Bester...
Indeed! Though it worries me the character I can relate to most after Londo is Bester...

This is because you are an evil genius. I keep telling you ...
...am now freaked out I identify with Stark.