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Giles with Flowers- by shannon730

First, the pictures:

My Dragon*Con gallery begins here.


Good to see you had time for the FF panel considering your schedule! And of course I'm wildly curious about what the other pictures might mean.*g*

All in good time. I have to beat my notes into sentences.

On another topic entirely, I've started watching BSG (I've seen up to 1.06) and I'm all about the middle-aged characters (Will Adama, Tigh, and Roslin). Yes. *g*
Woo hoo! Did you see the miniseries first? Because that's sort of crucial background for all three of them... but in any case, I'm thrilled to share the enthusiasm.
I did indeed watch the mini first, so no worries. ;)
...GAH! I so wish I'd been there! *gazes in mute longing* Anyway, thanks for the pics & looking forward to hearing about your panel. :)