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Livia- by pixelbee


And we are receiving thank you notes for the genocide panel. I'm delighted and somewhat stunned at the positive response. Some even want to make the genocide discussion multifandom! Given this: more than ever, I want to challenge the status quo of the Trek Trak next year, even though, as searose so colorfully put it at the Farscape party on Sunday, that may result in my hide being nailed to the wall.

Oh, yes, by the way: after serving as a panelist, I've become invested in the backstage politics of D*C. More on that in the full report.


Welcome back!

Glad you got there and back again without incident, and that you did so well. :)
Yayayayay! Glad you made it back okay - can't wait for Con Reports, with PICCIES!! (I hope!)
I'm not going to be post on that panel in my run down. I would, however, like to see what you had to say about it. And I have suggestions. *g*

- hg
Are those suggestions related to the audience, by any chance? *g*

Suggest away. The positive feedback I've received has also included some suggestions, and I appreciate them.

I'm going to be as... politic, shall we say, in my own run down as I was that evening. But you know what my opinions are, and I'm pretty sure you know that, privately, I considered some of the off topic commentary (*ahem*) to border on barking lunacy just as you did (and I got the sense that Sabrina thought some of it was off the mark as well, FYI, even though, generally, her opinions on certain subjects differ from yours and mine).

I did want to talk about the space show, regardless of what certain audience members thought, and I tried the best I could to steer things in that direction. Which is why, for example, I stopped the discussion to ask if anyone else thought Delenn's past was problematic.

Still, strong personalities in the audience aside, I'm pleased that there was interest at all in the topic at that hour, and I do feel this is an interesting and viable topic to re-address next year.
No, as a matter of fact, the suggestions were not going to including installing a moon-bat detector at the door and refusing admittance to any wearing any sort of politically themed clothing without a fannish ref.

(Gollum for President! tee-shirts should *always* be welcome in fannish circles.)

But I was tempted.

I'll save my suggestions for the panel until you make that post, to make going back and finding them easier. They are, for the most part, positive, I think, and do include "Do it again next year!".

And you *so* should have been at that Trek/BSG panel.

- hg
And you *so* should have been at that Trek/BSG panel.

Well, as I said at the party, I didn't feel qualified. But I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I've now seen four episodes of the new BSG and am very much looking forward to viewing the rest. ;)
Re the backstage politics:

I am so sorry. It can get really dirty.

Some of it is actually quite disturbing. But it's too late now. *sigh*
hey, it's JasonBondShow (John T. Hill) from the Babylon 5 panels. I just wanted to add you as a friend because I wanted to keep in touch with as many people from D*C as I could. Wished I could have chatted with you all more before the convention ended, but I was ill and my energy levels were not great.

By the way, we have a mutual friend in twisted_badger, who's a coll Kiwi friend of mine. :)

Hope you add me back!