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londovir- by iamsab

Happy Halloween!

My mother is a costume designer and as you can see, that comes with benefits. Her closets are full of costume pieces from various eras and it was these closets I raided for tonight's trick-or-treat duty. The hair is the product of a foil frame and a whole can of Aqua Net Extra Super Hold. (The ozone is gone directly over my house. *g*) It's not great, but hey, my resources were limited. *g*

On a totally unrelated matter, click on the cut tag if you would like to see a picture of our cat, Smidget. I've been meaning to post a picture ever since I mentioned her a few entries ago. *g*

Warning: The picture is big.

I'm a little bit concerned about my health at the moment. My RA seems to have flared up again- my finger joints have swollen to pre-medication size and my knees and ankles are aching more than usual. I hope this doesn't mean my medications have stopped working, because at the moment, these are the only medications I can afford.

A recurrence would be an especially troubling thing given that I just got a new job in a Kohl's department store. The last thing I need is full-blown arthritis while standing for hours at a time!


Cute costume!

Cute costume!

I hope you feel better, and that you are all better by the time you start your new job!
Happy Halloween! :)

You make an adorable Centauri

The cat is cute, too. *g*

I'll cross my fingers in regards to the health problem.
And what a handsome young Centauri you are! Smidget is cute.

Hope the RA subsides before you start work.
That's a kewl costume! Well done!

The kitty is adorable! I love calicos.
Smidget *is* cute. She looks very like my cat Adira - yes, named after *that* Adira. I used to have another one named Londo.

I hope you had fun representing the Great and Glorious Centauri Republic on Halloween!