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I won't be sleeping very much during Dragon*Con. *g*

This is one of the things on which I've been working behind the scenes of late (in addition to writing fic and Real Life Work):

Disclaimer: The events proposed/described below are completely unofficial and are no way affiliated with Dragon*Con.

All Alone in the Night
(Not Affiliated With Nightwatch)

Make it through "the hour of the wolf" with your hosts [me] and Bill McIntire [i.e., my co-conspirator] as they lead you through a fun selection of LATE NIGHT unofficial Babylon 5 programming, including:

"The Centauri Embassy Welcomes You to Dragon*Con"
Friday/Saturday, 11 P.M. - 2 A.M.

(Room in Hyatt Regency TBA)

Come gather with your fellow B5 fans for a night of wine, women and song. All attendees must be barefoot. Optional donations will be accepted, with all proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association.

"The Greatest Stories Never Told"
Saturday, 2:30 A.M

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge

The fanfiction panel to end all fanfiction panels! Now is the time to discuss all the little corners of the Babylon 5 universe that have yet to be explored- and perhaps build a story of our own in the process.

"The Babylon 5 Trivia Contest"
Saturday, 3:30 A.M.

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge


Sunday, 2:30 A.M.

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge

Delenn was chosen by the Vorlons, Londo by the Shadows, and G'Kar was revered by his own people. This panel is intended to compare and contrast the arcs of these characters and the burdens they bore because they were chosen.

"The Babylon 5 Trivia Contest, Round Two"
Sunday, 3:30 A.M.

"Red Eye/Blue Eye Breakfast"
Sunday, 9 A.M.

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge

Perk yourself up after two long nights of partying with coffee, food, and B5 chatter.

"Ambassador and Aide"
Monday, 2:30 A.M.

Each alien diplomatic delegation featured a different relationship between ambassador and aide. This panel is designed to discuss these different relationships and how they variously affected the characters

In addition to all of that, I currently have the B5 telepath panel at 7 P.M. on Friday, the Farscape panel at 1 P.M. on Sunday, and the B5 genocide panel at 10 P.M. on Sunday. And I haven't even begun to pin down what I want to do/see elsewhere, though I know I want to see the Firefly and Farscape guests of honor at least once. And Stephen Furst. I have no idea yet where he will be. He is not currently on the American Sci Fi track because there's simply no room with all the Farscape, BSG, SG-1 and SGA, Andromeda, etc.

But enough con talk. I am also halfway through the seventh season of Buffy and am bewildered that fandom hates them. The later seasons of Buffy, I mean. Did I miss something?
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