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Lost in Thought- by shannon730

I won't be sleeping very much during Dragon*Con. *g*

This is one of the things on which I've been working behind the scenes of late (in addition to writing fic and Real Life Work):

Disclaimer: The events proposed/described below are completely unofficial and are no way affiliated with Dragon*Con.

All Alone in the Night
(Not Affiliated With Nightwatch)

Make it through "the hour of the wolf" with your hosts [me] and Bill McIntire [i.e., my co-conspirator] as they lead you through a fun selection of LATE NIGHT unofficial Babylon 5 programming, including:

"The Centauri Embassy Welcomes You to Dragon*Con"
Friday/Saturday, 11 P.M. - 2 A.M.

(Room in Hyatt Regency TBA)

Come gather with your fellow B5 fans for a night of wine, women and song. All attendees must be barefoot. Optional donations will be accepted, with all proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association.

"The Greatest Stories Never Told"
Saturday, 2:30 A.M

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge

The fanfiction panel to end all fanfiction panels! Now is the time to discuss all the little corners of the Babylon 5 universe that have yet to be explored- and perhaps build a story of our own in the process.

"The Babylon 5 Trivia Contest"
Saturday, 3:30 A.M.

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge


Sunday, 2:30 A.M.

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge

Delenn was chosen by the Vorlons, Londo by the Shadows, and G'Kar was revered by his own people. This panel is intended to compare and contrast the arcs of these characters and the burdens they bore because they were chosen.

"The Babylon 5 Trivia Contest, Round Two"
Sunday, 3:30 A.M.

"Red Eye/Blue Eye Breakfast"
Sunday, 9 A.M.

Marriott, Tenth Floor Lounge

Perk yourself up after two long nights of partying with coffee, food, and B5 chatter.

"Ambassador and Aide"
Monday, 2:30 A.M.

Each alien diplomatic delegation featured a different relationship between ambassador and aide. This panel is designed to discuss these different relationships and how they variously affected the characters

In addition to all of that, I currently have the B5 telepath panel at 7 P.M. on Friday, the Farscape panel at 1 P.M. on Sunday, and the B5 genocide panel at 10 P.M. on Sunday. And I haven't even begun to pin down what I want to do/see elsewhere, though I know I want to see the Firefly and Farscape guests of honor at least once. And Stephen Furst. I have no idea yet where he will be. He is not currently on the American Sci Fi track because there's simply no room with all the Farscape, BSG, SG-1 and SGA, Andromeda, etc.

But enough con talk. I am also halfway through the seventh season of Buffy and am bewildered that fandom hates them. The later seasons of Buffy, I mean. Did I miss something?


And ever more do I regret that I can not participate and be in the US right now.

Re: Buffy - I'm probably the wrong person to ask, since I'm among the minority who loves them, but just from observation, the general objections seem to be:

1) Too depressing

2) Scoobies not likeable anymore

3) See also: The SpikeWars (my memory entry of same)

4) Big Bads not impressive anymore.

Now, I'm not saying the later seasons are perfect, but then I don't think the earlier ones are, either. There are some real clunkers in every single season, and some bypass of logic or deus ex machina things (sword of Acathla and Acathla in general, anyone?). But, again just guessing, these get noticed later on more because the shine of first experience is gone.

Now me, I like that our heroes are complicated and messed up on occasion and can be their own worst enemies. But I can see how people who, say, fell in love with Willow as the epitome of geeky sweetness couldn't cope with her metaphorical and literal dark side, though I'd say Willow's tendency to patch up emotionally difficult situations with magic instead of facing them is evident as early as early season 3 when she tries to make an anti-love spell for herself and Xander. It's easier to root for funny, "white knight" Xander; people didn't want him to be the one who leaves Anya at the altar, no matter his reasons. And Buffy herself started to get scarred emotionally as well as physically and become harder, more locked off, pretty early on, but again, it's probably easier to sympathize for a girl who gets the morning after from hell treatment after losing her virginity (so clear who the villain is here) than with a girl who has more and more trouble opening up and gets into a messy relationship where both she and the other guy can bring out the worst in each other. And so forth, and so on.
Ambitious. You are going to die! Budget your time to include sleep at some point.

I'm looking at the schedule now to block off periods for sleep.
I like some pieces of Season 7, particularly the premiere, "talking with dead people", and storyteller. That said, there's a lot I really despised (I'm not sure how spoiled you are, so I'll just say: Giles' storyline, spike's storyline, the "new characters'" story line, the big bad's chief henchman, anya's storyline, and the ending. That's a LOT of characters' storylines to dislike. And when GILES gets the fuzzy end of the lollypop, boy, does that not go over well with me).
I am glad it is you and not me in a way... I don't think I could block off time to sleep....**Sleep what's that?***
Yeah I read this today in the mail list and was
flabergasted by your ambition.
But , hey , you're young right ?
And at least I know someone else who will be
up as late as I.