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The Bio, just to get you started

Who are you? Hobsonphile
How old? 24
What's your biological sex? Female
What's your gender preference? Het
Where do you live? Metropolitan DC, United States
What are your current fandoms? Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine

The Part About Your Fandoms:

What's your biggest fandom now? Babylon 5
Why? Londo, G'Kar and Vir and an emotional story arc that mixes comedy and tragedy into something truly extraordinary; intriguing plot lines and characters in general.
Who's your favourite character in this fandom? This changes constantly. Currently, I would say Vir. Tomorrow, I might say Londo. *g*
Why? Vir is the best personfication of Christian love I've ever seen on television. He is also deeply courageous. Out of all the "heroes" of B5, Vir was the most isolated and the most vulnerable, yet the humble little Centauri still managed to save thousands of Narn and to lead a resistance against the Drakh (in the novels).

Plus, he's simply precious. *g*
What's your 'ship/OTP/OT3 in this fandom? Londo & Vir platonic love
Why? Because I love conflicted feelings and angst. And because it's so sweet. Tell me you didn't say "awwwww" when you saw this:

Tell me something interesting about you and this fandom! I got into this fandom because of Stephen Furst.
In fact, just list down all your 'ships/OTPs. People need to be warned! Londo/G'Kar, Londo/Timov, Londo/Adira, Vir/Senna, late season seven Odo/Kira, and many, many non-shippy relationships on DS9- O'Brien & Bashir, Odo & Quark, Kira & Sisko, etc.
Which was your first fandom? Please don't laugh: Mathnet, the final segement of Square One, a math-oriented children's show on PBS. It was a parody of Dragnet, and it rocked.
How did you get into it? I was a dork and voluntarily watched PBS almost exclusively as a kid.
Which two fandoms would you most like to see a crossover of? None.
Why? Well, I suppose a careful writer could create a scenario that was original, plausible and interesting, but I'm not a big fan of just throwing fandoms together for the hell of it.
What is the one slash relationship you never, ever, ever hope to see? Londo/Vir, which screams INCEST! to me. I hesitate to even mention it, because I'm rather superstitious and I fear that speaking it's name will make it come to life. *g*
If you had to choose one fandom to give up, which would it be? I'm sorry, I can't answer this question. *g*

The Part about Your Fandoms Affecting Your Life:

How many people do you know online just because of your fandoms? Most of my online activity is fandom related.
How about IRL? None, though some of my RL friends share my fandom interests.
Do you read fanfic? If yes, how much do you read? Every time I see something interesting, I read it. In fact, that's how I found my way to Live Journal- I read selenak' wonderful "Truth or Dare" on ff.net and followed her here.
Do you write fanfic? Yes.
How many hours of your waking life do you spend thinking/doing stuff related to your fandoms? I have to admit that I think about my fandoms quite a bit outside of work. *g*
Do you think that it's a bad thing? No, it's harmless fun. *g*
Do you try to corrupt all your real life friends into your fandoms? Yes.
How many times have you succeeded? Several times- for example, I succeeded in getting HobsonphileBro into B5.
How much of your life philosophy do you think is determined/due to your fandoms? It doesn't really work for me in this direction. My life philosophy tends to determine which fandoms I enjoy rather than the other way around.
Can you imagine life without your fandoms? You're kidding, right?
Do you think you're obsessed with your fandoms? Yes.
Good thing, or bad thing? (and why?) Depends on who you ask. *g* I think it's a good thing- fandom inspires me, and it's fun.

And Just A Random Part:

If you could possess any one superpower, what would it be? None.
Why? I wouldn't want the responsibility. *g*
If you got to kill off one character from any of your fandoms, who would it be? Marcus, the ultimate Marty Stu. Apologies to the Marcus fans in the audience.
And how would the above person die? The way he died in canon was perfect.
If you were to marry one character from any of your fandoms, who would it be? Vir- I want someone to cuddle and nurture. *g*
If you were to pick one character for a one night stand, who would it be? Erm, I'm kind of traditional when it comes to sex, so probably no one.
Imagine you're a geneticist. Imagine you want to transplant frog DNA into one of your fandoms' characters. Who's the lucky one? How odd. *g* I'm not really sure.
Let's say you had the power to change one event--any kind of event--in one of your fandoms. What would it be? I like playing around with AU's in B5, but B5's canon is quite good the way it is. I have a few bitches here and there, mostly pertaining to the Saint!Sheridan phenomenon. I go on at some length about that here. DS9, meanwhile, didn't always use its time wisely- seventh season, for example, had a lot of filler, time that could've been used to bring the Dominion War to a far less rushed conclusion. DS9 also resolved the "Odo betrays Kira" plot line far too quickly.
Last question, I promise. If you were to name your children after characters from your fandom, what would you name them? Seeing that most of my favorite characters have strange alien names, I don't think I will inflict such names upon my children. Now, pets on the other hand...
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