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londovir- by iamsab

Gakked from astrogirl2:

Ask any of my characters from any of my stories a question and they will answer.

My Finished Stories

Babylon 5

Missing Light: Five Things That Never Happened to Vir Cotto
A New Assignment
Meetings in the Green
Fathers and Sons
After Horrors Seen
While Bathing


Shreds of Heaven
And Still You Live

And for siggen1:

Boston Public

Only Part
Shostakovitch and Pizza
Revelations Over Dinner
Conversations and Minuets


Since you made the effort just for me, this will go to Marylin in Conversations and Minuets: Why did you invite Scott to coffee? Out of pity?
"No, it wasn't pity. I did feel sympathy, yes, but that's somewhat different. Mainly, I saw something in Scott that night that I honestly wanted to get to know better. It hadn't occurred to me before then that we might have some things in common."