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B5 Meme (gakked from selenak)

1) a)Who's your favorite Telepath? b)Least?
a) Bester b) Byron

2) a)Who's your favorite Character? b)Least?
a) Londo b) Byron

3) a)What's your favorite Race? b)Least?
a) Centauri b) Vorlon

4) a)What's your favorite Ship? b)Least?
a) The Shadow ships were the coolest visually. Either that, or the flying saucers which belonged to one of the LNAW races because, yay! Flying saucers! b) Dude, the EA is totally lacking in the style department. It's sad, really, that Humanity has to fly around in glorified boxes. Realistic, sure. But sad. *g*

5) What's your favorite sector of the Station?
The Zocalo and the gardens are the real places to see.

6) If you were a character, who would you be?
Hard-working, retiring, nurturing. You guys are probably right. I'd probably be Vir. But more the later day Vir- Vir with a dash of realpolitick.

7) If you could be a different race, who would you be?
This will probably disappoint, but I have to say Centauri. Even if I am female.

8) What's your favorite battle?
The Narns fighting Clark's forces in Severed Dreams, if I had to choose, if only because you see the soldiers instead of the ships. On the whole, though, I haven't really focused on the battles all that much.

9) Shadow or Vorlon?
Definitely neither.

10) Warrior, Worker, or Religious?

11) Earthforce or Rangers?

12) Corps, Drugs, Prison or Blip?

13) Ambassodor, Telepath, Earthforce, or Ranger?

14) Nightwatch or Psi-cop?

15) Sinclair, Delenn, or Sheridan?

16) Lennier, Vir, Zack Allen or Na'toth?
I don't even have to answer this one. ;)

17) Minbar, Narn, Centauri Homeworld, Earth, Mars, Epsilon 3 or Z'ha'dum?
Centauri Prime.

18) Sheridan, Franklin, Sinclair, Ivanova, Lochley or Garibaldi?

19) President Clark or Morden?
A simple fascist versus Satan? Satan wins. Morden.

20) Narn or Centauri?

21) Sleeping Position: Minbari or Horizontal?

22) Historical Figure: King Arthur or Jack the Ripper?
King Arthur. Because he's cute with G'Kar. *g*

23) Would you rather be: Anna Sheridan, Zathras, Emperor Cartagia?
Emperor Cartagia. And I'm not sure what that says about me.

24) Would you let Garibaldi kill Bester (Remove mind block)?
No. It's not his place.

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