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Cartagia's Bum- by ruuger


Nervous energy is keeping me awake. Entertain me, internet!


A very intriguing idea! Consider my interest piqued!

and btw

one more entertainment... I want to arrange one more mun&muses party and going to do it... on sea beach. Perhaps, I shall begin it in this weekend (I hope you will be in In-t or you will be at con? >.>)
And as for Lincolni rp... lady Yasodra will go to B5 soon... and one admirer going with her too.. ^_^

Re: and btw

The con's not until September, so Vir and I should be able to make it to your party. *g*

I'll keep an eye out for the Yasodra thread!

Re: and btw

*runs to prepar to party...*