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Cartagia's Bum- by ruuger


Nervous energy is keeping me awake. Entertain me, internet!


*dances comically for your entertainment*
*laughs* *claps*
I don't know whether it entertain you, but me and betareject Have conceived a new plot concerning to affair of Lincolni... Ah, I shall try to explain more shortly... If you remember, Ivanova have made something like collage for Lincolni documents and we (BR and me)have thought, that will be, if this pic will find out by Narn mass-media...
In general, be ready, the grateful admirers Lincolni will on station arrive in the near future, but they will thank not Vir at all... Guess, who becomes their idol?
If you are interested in this idea, write on my e-mail natoth (dog)gmail.com
A very intriguing idea! Consider my interest piqued!

and btw

one more entertainment... I want to arrange one more mun&muses party and going to do it... on sea beach. Perhaps, I shall begin it in this weekend (I hope you will be in In-t or you will be at con? >.>)
And as for Lincolni rp... lady Yasodra will go to B5 soon... and one admirer going with her too.. ^_^

Re: and btw

The con's not until September, so Vir and I should be able to make it to your party. *g*

I'll keep an eye out for the Yasodra thread!

Re: and btw

*runs to prepar to party...*