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Giles with Flowers- by shannon730

Another Drive-By Buffy Comment:

Have watched through The Gift. Want to squish Giles in all his grown-up, living-in-the-world, protector-of-Buffy's-innocence squishy-ness.


It is a strangely sweet moment. She has so precious little left after all those years, but not being a murderer is something she clings to. By killing Ben, Giles allows her to keep that part of her moral code intact by not letting her suffer the consequences of allowing BenGlory to live. People bash Buffy for not killing Ben, but there is a line she can't allow herself to cross--a line she needs in order to keep herself from becoming the very thing she fights. Giles sees that, he respects it, and he protects it.
I have nothing, really, to add to that. It pretty much sums up my interpretation perfectly.

Oh, it will be fun- though a little scary- to dive into Buffy fandom at full throttle once I've actually finished watching the series...
*sigh* I [heart] that ep. I actually think that might have been a good place to leave the series (particularly considering the events and canon changes of 6 & 7).
I disagree (not about loving the episode), partly because The Gift would have ended the story as a tragedy, whereas Chosen ended it as an epic and with a note of hope, and partly because I love the last two seasons. Yes, I know I'm in a minority.
I can't comment intelligently on this as of yet, as I've only seen the first few episodes of sixth season. I will say, though, that I like the Trio already. *g* I knew those guys in college! Except they weren't running with the demon crowd. *g*
Once you've progressed to the musical episode, you can read Andraste's and my magnum opus on them.*g*
Aww, yeah. And now I have "Standing in your way" playing in my head, which always makes me a little teary.

Poor squishy Giles.
... I haven't been recognising you without your Vir icons. Now I must go back and read other Buffy commentary...