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Ravenclaw Giles- by _extraflamey_

Icon Request:

Is there anyone out there who can make an icon similar to the Giles icon above using this Vir cap, part or all of the Hufflepuff crest, and the caption, "Where they are just and loyal"?

ETA: Request fulfilled already. I love you guys. *squishes*


yeah.. give me 2 hours or so..I will be back...

Is this good? i still have a modifiablefile if you would like change.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yay! *squishes icon* *adds it to Vir's userpics*
I am glad you like it...
Vir has always tested as a Hufflepuff. It's time for a little Hufflepuff pride!
Hmm.. never done one for Adira... I am not much of a Harry potter person.. read the first book and eh.. not my thing I guess.
I've been meaning to ask, do you still need help with redesigning Enemies and Allies? Because I will be bored unemployed most of this week and could do the new layout if you still need it.
Yes, by all the gods, yes! Just tell me what kind of specs you need and I'll send them on over.
Well, basically I just need to know what you want it to look like :) What colours, how many subsections (do you want just the ones the site currently has, or are you planning new sections), if there are any specific pictures you want in the layout, any special requests... Just tell me what you want and I'll try to do it :)

Also, if you would happen to have all the files of the current site in one handydandy zip, that'd be great but not necessary.

The majority of the images currently on the site came from this archive, which, conveniently enough, has zip files for every episode.

The number of subsections, I think, is going to remain the same: Meta-Analysis, Fanfiction, and Fanart. I'm not sure I can do anything more complex. Basically, I need art for the index page and the three sub-pages and that's about it. No html required. *g* Essays and fic will still be dropped into the site as basic text files because that's how I acquire them.

Colors: Red and purple to symbolize the two worlds, though obviously not on the same page (otherwise, there will be clashing, and that would defeat the purpose of making the site look better).

Right now, Londo/G'Kar and Londo&Vir are featured on the index page and stills of the two worlds are featured on the fanfiction page. I would say keep those themes throughout, though you should also add in Na'Toth and other Centauri and Narn characters at your discretion.

If there's anything you need from me, let me know!