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Okay, nervous now!

The American Sci-Fi track schedule for Dragon*Con 2005 is up- and I have indeed been placed on both B5 panels and the PKW panel. Me talking. Me talking a lot. Eep! Some of you in attendance will come and give moral support, yes?


Immoral, surely.
Oh, of course, what was I thinking? *eg*
I'm going to be running into some money soon. If I have any left after paying off bills and doing some things to the house, I'd love to go to D*C. But that isn't very likely, so I'll wish you luck now.

Good luck!
I'll cross my fingers for a windfall. But if not, I thank you for your long distance support.

And I also want your icon.
itsjustkelly posted it on book_icons. I'm sure you can nab it. :)
Ooh, I wish I was going to be there! Are you going to make it to Burbank?
Alas, no. :-( I can only afford one convention this year and my preference is for D*C since it allows a great deal more fan participation and is closer geographically.
I know. I definitely missed you last year at Burbank. As it was, veritykindle ended up catching the brunt of my Stark squee.
Well, as long as there's somebody to make sure there's Stark squee, I guess. :)
I will be there .

Yeap. In the section marked "mocking and taunting." *g*

- hg
*sends support from afar*
If I was anywhere in the area, I would - will you settle for good vibes from a distance? Say, a rock in the middle of the Atlantic? (which is where I am)