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Quick Note on Buffy Progress:

Have now seen up to Shadow. Am worried that I may become a Spike/Buffy fan. Eep! Send help!

(Though maybe I can redeem myself by also being a fan of Giles/Ethan, Faith/Buffy, and Spike/Angel.)

Actually, though, in all honesty, if I start to write fic for BtVS, I likely won't show myself to be much of a shipper. Because my heart ultimately lies with Core Four ampersand (I cried a little bit when Buffy told Giles she needed him just as he was about to leave- and I think my heart nearly exploded from the cute when zany!half!Xander did the Snoopy dance for Willow to prove his identity) and, now, Buffy's "family" (Hair stroking! Eee!). Yay gen!
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