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Giles with Flowers- by shannon730

Quick Note on Buffy Progress:

Have now seen up to Shadow. Am worried that I may become a Spike/Buffy fan. Eep! Send help!

(Though maybe I can redeem myself by also being a fan of Giles/Ethan, Faith/Buffy, and Spike/Angel.)

Actually, though, in all honesty, if I start to write fic for BtVS, I likely won't show myself to be much of a shipper. Because my heart ultimately lies with Core Four ampersand (I cried a little bit when Buffy told Giles she needed him just as he was about to leave- and I think my heart nearly exploded from the cute when zany!half!Xander did the Snoopy dance for Willow to prove his identity) and, now, Buffy's "family" (Hair stroking! Eee!). Yay gen!


Did you like Restless? That's my favorite Buffy episode.
I loved Restless. When I've finished the series as a whole, I'm definitely going to go back and watch Restless again- more than once- so I can fully appreciate all the details without cheating and watching the commentary. *g*
Oh, I like the ampersand relationships on the show most as well (see icon), which doesn't mean I'm not also fond of several of the romantic, sexual or subtextual 'ships. And Spike and Buffy sure have explosive chemistry.*g* Since you asked for help, check out my guide for newbies to the Spike Wars:

I really liked Buffy/Spike in season 5.

...and then utterly and completely loathed it in seasons 6 & 7. V. sad.