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Squee- by blamethecamera.deviantart.com

*sings* Happy Birthday to me... I live in a zoo... I look like a monkey...

As you may or may not recall, last year, I posted a birthday party thread in which I invited the assembled to ask me anything, so long as it was fandom related.

Well. Let's make that a tradition, shall we?

Ask Me Anything, Version 2005 is officially open, now with new fandom action!

Fandoms du jour:

Babylon 5 (Natch.)
Blake's 7 (I have watched up to Pressure Point.)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I have watched up to Goodbye Iowa, I still love Giles, and Spike brings the serious funny.)

Note: Asking about the status of various WIP's doesn't count, just in case you were thinking about it, selenak. *g*

Note the Second: No internet access at work, so I likely won't be responding during the day unless I finally find a wireless hot spot in Aquia.


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Happy birthday honey pie! *smooches*

I have a fandom question for you - what do you think is shepherd's real background/back story in firefly?

And, as it is your birthday, it also seems fair for you to receive presents. Well, fandom-presents, which are like presents in many respects. Is there a fic or essay or even, god help us, a filk that milady would like?
I believe Book once served in Alliance law enforcement- and was probably decorated for heroism. That would explain the swiftness with which the Alliance authorities wheeled him in for medical treatment. That would explain the ease with which he carries a gun and the fact that he knows just where to shoot a man to incapacitate him. That would explain why he knows so much about the criminal element.

As for fandom-presents, well... anything Vir-y in nature is sure to delight me. *g*
Doesn't Pressure Point rock?

(OK, so it's not a deep question ...)
It does rock. All that trouble, and it turns out to be pointless. It's a sign of things to come, I reckon.
Valtoo! And since kangeiko already took my Firefly question, I'll present you with one of the biggest kerfuffle questions of BTVS fandom: when Xander told Buffy that Willow said "kick his ass" re: Angel(us) in Becoming II, as opposed to telling her Willow intended to try the ensouling spell once more, what motivated him?

There are kerfluffles about this? It seems pretty obvious to me that the very recent cruelty of Angelus was on his mind. Xander strikes me as someone who sincerely has difficulty trusting the whole souled-demon rehabilitation concept. Whatever selfish reasons Xander had for mistrusting Angel to begin with- and he certainly did have them- I'm not convinced that this jealousy would ever rise to the level of wanting his perceived rival dead.

Do some fans actually think this?
Re Firefly: what do you think, is Simon/Kaylee meant to be?
Hee. As I said over chat, since Simon is gay and all, I would say no. ;)
Happy birthday! *provides cake*

If Morden had asked Vir his 'what do you want?' question before everything that happened with Londo, what answer would he have got?
If Morden had come to Vir before he began working his satanic mojo on Londo, I believe the boy would've been the most disappointing interviewee in the history of Shadow thrall-dom for the simple reason that I trust that what he said in The Long Night about his ambitions (or, in this case, the lack thereof) was absolutely sincere.
Happy birthday!

I'm too sleepy still to think of anything cool to ask. But Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday!! :) So, what inspired you to cosplay that particular outfit of Servalan's out of her vast (vaaaaaaaast ^_^;;;) wardrobe?
It was the UFO collar that convinced me. *g*
Happy birthday!
I love Spike when he's in love with Buffy. "I never really liked you anyway and...and you have stupid hair." *snickers*
Hee. I love how he reacts to the repeated attempts of the gang to enlist his help. "Can't any of your little Scoobie club try to remember that I hate you all..." *snort*
When I've imagined Vir's romantic prospects, Lyndasty has never really been a factor. If the girl was allowed to accompany her father on his trips to Narn as part of her education, one assumes she was a favored child- and that her family really wanted her to marry high and influence court politics through her husband. Once Vir lost his title and status- and under a cloud of scandal, no less- he was no longer attractive in that regard. Londo did say that Lyndasty's family did not cancel the marriage outright, but I highly doubt that they would, ultimately, decide to bear the humiliation.

Watching I, Claudius recently has also made me wonder whether Vir's uncle really did expect the arrangement to be a success. He obviously made no effort to describe his nephew to Lyndasty using anything other than thinly veiled mockery. I bet you dollars to donuts Lyndasty's mother initiated the deal.

Remind me to write all the family politics surrounding Vir's arranged marriage at some point.
Happy birthday!!!

Fandom related question: What do you think of a stark Defense Leauge LJ community, taking as it's manifesto your old Post on the subject?

Oh, and Icon love!!!!
I haven't really considered starting a community only because I'm not sure how much interest it would really generate. I would rather like a Stark Defense League t-shirt to wear at conventions, however. *g*

And your icon is even better than mine.
Happy birthday! :)

Who is your favourite character in B7 at this point? And why?
I loved Vila instantly and still do. He is just so funny and strangely child-like for an accomplished thief.
Happy Birthday!

And since wychwood took my question, I'll ask for a brief rundown on all the crew characters in B7. :-)
That deserves a post instead of a comment, I think. ;) I'll see what I can do. You should be warned, though, that it may take me awhile. As you've probably noticed, I haven't been able to log on for more than a few hours at a time lately. And I have a backlog.
Happy birthday!
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