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*sings* Happy Birthday to me... I live in a zoo... I look like a monkey...

As you may or may not recall, last year, I posted a birthday party thread in which I invited the assembled to ask me anything, so long as it was fandom related.

Well. Let's make that a tradition, shall we?

Ask Me Anything, Version 2005 is officially open, now with new fandom action!

Fandoms du jour:

Babylon 5 (Natch.)
Blake's 7 (I have watched up to Pressure Point.)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I have watched up to Goodbye Iowa, I still love Giles, and Spike brings the serious funny.)

Note: Asking about the status of various WIP's doesn't count, just in case you were thinking about it, selenak. *g*

Note the Second: No internet access at work, so I likely won't be responding during the day unless I finally find a wireless hot spot in Aquia.
Tags: b7, babylon 5, buffy & angel, farscape, firefly

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