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londovir- by iamsab

I think I agree with penfold_x. (HBP)

I too do not buy that Snape is Evil, though he is certainly a thoroughly unpleasant person who feels a great deal of genuine hatred for Harry and some genuine fellow feeling for some of the Death Eaters. Even in flight, he chose to preserve Harry's life, blocking Harry's curses without firing his own. Was this simply following Voldemort's orders, or is a deeper game being played? Was the parting admonition to Harry to keep his mouth shut and his mind closed a clue? I think these are still open questions.

I also wonder- and this is wild speculation- whether Harry himself might be the sixth Horcrux. The only wrench in that theory, though, is the fact that Voldemort has attempted to kill Harry more than once, which wouldn't make sense if Voldemort knew that Harry was one of his receptacles. But maybe he doesn't know. Perhaps the transfer was inadvertent. Perhaps, if Voldemort is too shattered to notice when a piece of his soul is destroyed, he is also too shattered to notice departures as well.

Dumbledore's death was a coming-of-age archetypal moment- the loss of the parental figure- and was necessary, I think, for the story I believe JKR is trying to tell. But this final loss of innocence- and Harry's subsequent adult recognition of the tragedy of the world (see icon)- still hurt.

Lastly, I heart Slughorn and his parties and his sensuality and the fact that he is OMG NOT EVIL, but still undeniably Slytherin with Slytherin ambition. If I were in HP fandom, I would be writing Slughorn fic right now. And Neville fic, naturally- there wasn't enough of him this time around, which means there are prime opportunities for missing scenes and the like. And, I think, Trio ampersand, because while all the shipping generally leaves me cold, the friendship does not.


As you can see from my own review, agreed about Snape. yahtzee63 has a great theory about how Harry could be the sixth Horcrux without Voldemort having intended or realized this here:

I agree with you about Snape. He's certainly a character that seems more on the side of evil yet fights for the side of good despite that.

And hey, I hadn't even thought of Harry as the sixth horcrux, which would make sense considering the prophecy, and would also not bode well for his survival chances.

But as long as Draco and Snape survive, I don't mind if Harry bites it. ^^